Cam Smith


Cam Smith | artist

You were probably watched by a dozen security cameras on the way to the convenience store last night.

In public, anything you say or do is free to be looked at, listened to, recorded.

The margin between the public and private is poorly demarcated.

Corporations and governments determine where this boundary is located and how permeable it is.

Is browsing the internet a public or a private act? What about posting on Facebook? Writing an email?

I filled a room with security cameras. They're always on, always recording, always listening.

They're hooked up to a server where I run facial recognition models. When a camera sees a face, it analyzes the face and saves it to a database. Governments and corporations do this all the time.

I hacked some reciept printers. They print out all the faces the AI sees. I strung up the faces from my walls and ceiling.

Hundreds of people that I invited into my studio had their faces captured and printed. Their faces are on the wall. They're also probably in the databases of Palantir, Facebook, and the FBI.

I also project faces that look similar to your own to demonstrate how organizations can understand what you look like.

AI is going to improve enormously in the next few years. We're the data it feeds on. I hope you feel something knowing you're being watched.